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GL1290 - 12V-90Ah EverExceed Gel Batteries

GL1290 model 12V 90 Ah EverExceed Gel Batteries

 Battery Price : 238,80 EUR

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AGM Battery Options

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12V-90Ah Batteries :

Battery Models Dimensions Battery Prices
leoch Battery LP12-90 173x330x220 173,75 USD  shopping cart
datasafe Battery HX380 175x299x227 187,50 EUR  shopping cart
ritar Battery RA12-90 169x307x215 191,25 USD  shopping cart
yuasa Battery SWL2500FR 168x305x225 197,50 EUR  shopping cart
csb Battery XHRL1234WF2FR xx 200,00 EUR  shopping cart
datasafe Battery 12HX360FR+ 175x302x227 200,00 EUR  shopping cart
genesis Battery NP90-12 304x168x229 205,00 EUR  shopping cart
yuasa Battery SWL2500TFR 173x305x223 205,00 EUR  shopping cart
sb Battery SPL90-12 171x330x227 207,50 USD  shopping cart
delphi Battery BE090 20M 352x175x190 210,00 USD  shopping cart
datasafe Battery 12HX380 175x299x227 210,00 EUR  shopping cart
bb Battery BP 90-12 172x329x215 215,00 USD  shopping cart
ritar_jel Battery DG12-90 169x307x235 215,00 USD  shopping cart
select Battery SL 12-90 168x305x208 230,00 USD  shopping cart
topin Battery TPD 12-90 169x306x210 233,75 USD  shopping cart
bb Battery BPS90-12 172x329x215 262,50 USD  shopping cart
solar-jel Battery S12/90 A 171x330x236 300,00 EUR  shopping cart
dryfit-jel Battery A412/90 267x284x208 325,00 EUR  shopping cart
dryfit Battery A412/90A 269x286x230 325,00 EUR  shopping cart
fiamm Battery 12FLB350 174x302x217 326,25 EUR  shopping cart
bb Battery MPL 90-12 306x173x200 337,50 USD  shopping cart
fiamm Battery 12 FIT 90 395x108x275 425,00 EUR  shopping cart
dryfit-jel Battery A412/90 F10 286x269x237 462,50 EUR  shopping cart
dryfit-jel Battery A412/90 A 286x269x230 475,00 EUR  shopping cart
trojan Battery 27-GEL 162x323x235 562,50 USD  shopping cart

  • Total Battery Orders ; 10.000 $ - % 2 discount
  • Total Battery Orders ; 20.000 $ - % 3 discount


GL1290 Model EverExceed Gel Batteries

Battery Models : GL1290
Battery Voltage : 12 V Battery
Battery Capacity : 90 Ah
Weight : kg
Dimensions : 168 x 259 x 215

Battery Cargo Descriptions

Delivery Term : EXW Istanbul / Turkey
Payment Type : Cash in Advance
Cargo : UPS, TNT, DHL Cargo, etc.
Shipping Areas : All Worlds

Battery Sales Requirements

  • Battery Prices; Cash in advance
  • Our battery price is valid for delivery istanbul.
  • Battery Guaranty : 1 Year. (Optional : 2 years)

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