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sinus inverter

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sinus invertor


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  • 24, 48, 110 VDC input

  • Input and output RFI filter

  • Small and light

  • Sine Output

  • %90 - 91 Efficiency

  • Microprocessing controlled

  • Relay and Contact outputs

  • Input and Output short circuit protection. Over Charge protection

  • Advanced front panel functions

  • 2 Years of Guarentee.

24 VDC - 48 VDC - 110 VDC

 Power series Inverters have been designed to be used in many applications. Amongst these applications, telecommunication systems, cooling, ventilation apparels, automation and control instruments take place. The difference of Power serie is in DC/AC inverter which has a very high efficiency. With it’s high efficiency; AC voltage in Sine wave shape can be produced via using DC source at maximum duration with lesser losses. Output transformer ensures galvanic insulation for sensible mechanismes, between the network and it’s output. Power inverters contain polarised connectors inside, to ensure full safety and to easily let the connection montage and detachment.In case of emergency, Power is endowed with static and maintenance bypass to allow the system work by removing the inverter from the circuit. With it’s small dimensions, no vibration structure,no maintenance requiring technology, Power is ideal to us efor 19 th cabin applications. Power is produced in –open frame- format to be applied in various applications. Power offers true quality and high technology via CE norms.


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