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CB12120 - 12V-12Ah CGB Batteries

CB12120 model 12V 12 Ah CGB Batteries

 Battery Price : 20,25 USD

*** Please email us for battery stock information and other questions.

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AGM Battery Options

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12V-12Ah Batteries :

Battery Models Dimensions Battery Prices
powersafe Battery SBS J13 83x175x129 175,00 EUR  shopping cart
spark Battery MS 12-12 99x151x101 20,00 USD  shopping cart
topin Battery TP 12-12 99x151x96 21,25 USD  shopping cart
leoch Battery LP12-12 98x151x101 21,25 USD  shopping cart
genesis Battery NP12-12 151x98x98 22,50 EUR  shopping cart
usb Battery GSL120120 98x151x95 23,75 USD  shopping cart
best Battery BP12120 151x98x101 23,75 USD  shopping cart
firstpower Battery FP12120 151x98x101 24,63 USD  shopping cart
ritar Battery RT12120 98x151x95 24,88 USD  shopping cart
rocket Battery ES12-12 98x151x101 24,88 USD  shopping cart
select Battery S 12-12 97x150x99 27,50 USD  shopping cart
haze Battery HZS12-12 97x150x99 28,75 USD  shopping cart
sb Battery SP12-12 98x151x95 28,75 USD  shopping cart
long Battery WP12-12 98x151x98 30,00 EUR  shopping cart
bb Battery BP 12-12 98x151x98 30,00 USD  shopping cart
datasafe Battery 12HX50 99x152x99 30,00 EUR  shopping cart
csb Battery GP12120 98x151x100 32,50 EUR  shopping cart
long Battery WPS12-12 98x151x99 35,00 EUR  shopping cart
bb Battery BC12-12 98x151x94 36,25 USD  shopping cart
bb Battery BPL 12-12 98x151x94 40,00 USD  shopping cart
csb Battery GPL12120 98x151x100 40,00 EUR  shopping cart
yuasa Battery NP 12-12 98x151x97.5 40,00 EUR  shopping cart
vision Battery Vision 12V-12Ah 98x151x101 40,00 USD  shopping cart
vision Battery CP12120 98x151x101 40,00 USD  shopping cart
panasonic Battery LC-RA1212 98x151x100 41,25 EUR  shopping cart
bb Battery BPS12-12 98x151x98 41,25 USD  shopping cart
fiamm Battery FG21201 98x151x100 42,50 EUR  shopping cart
vision_jel Battery 12V - 12Ah 98x151x95 42,50 USD  shopping cart
panasonic Battery LC-PA1212 98x151x94 48,75 EUR  shopping cart
fiamm Battery FGC21202 98x151x100 55,00 EUR  shopping cart
fiamm Battery 12FGH50 98x151x100 56,25 EUR  shopping cart
panasonic Battery LC-CA1212 98x151x94 60,00 EUR  shopping cart
yuasa Battery NPH12-12 98x151x98 60,00 EUR  shopping cart
fiamm Battery FGC21203 98x151x100 65,00 EUR  shopping cart
fiamm Battery FG120120 98x151x100 67,65 EUR  shopping cart
fiamm Battery 12FGHL48 98x151x100 75,00 EUR  shopping cart
bb Battery EP12-12 98x151x94 77,50 USD  shopping cart
dryfit-jel Battery A412/12 SR 181x76x156.5 96,25 EUR  shopping cart

  • Total Battery Orders ; 10.000 $ - % 2 discount
  • Total Battery Orders ; 20.000 $ - % 3 discount


CB12120 Model CGB Batteries

Battery Models : CB12120
Battery Voltage : 12 V Battery
Battery Capacity : 12 Ah
Weight : 3.85 kg
Dimensions : 98 x 151 x 95

Battery Cargo Descriptions

Delivery Term : EXW Istanbul / Turkey
Payment Type : Cash in Advance
Cargo : UPS, TNT, DHL Cargo, etc.
Shipping Areas : All Worlds

Battery Sales Requirements

  • Battery Prices; Cash in advance
  • Our battery price is valid for delivery istanbul.
  • Battery Guaranty : 1 Year. (Optional : 2 years)

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