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UPSon MP1 / 1 Phase Input - 1 Phase Output UPS Systems

iorange2 Real Online Design
iorange2 Microprocessing and DSP controller safety
iorange2 Energy Effiecency due to the Input Power Factor Correction ( PFC )
iorange2 Long back-up time
iorange2 Standart RS232 interface ve smart tracking software
iorange2 Cold start
iorange2 Automatical testing property in start-up.
iorange2 Overload and frequency fluctuation protection
iorange2 Load and battery capacity display
iorange2 Overload and short circuit breaker.
iorange2 Developed protection functions
iorange2 Standart SNMP support, SNMP card ( opional )
iorange2 Compatibility with regional and international standarts
iorange2 USB communication interface ( optional )
iorange2 Parallel connectivity without any need for attached hardware

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Product Details

icon table 1 kVA UPS
icon table 2 kVA UPS
icon table 3 kVA UPS

UPS Technical Specifications

1  kVA UPS      2  kVA UPS      3 kVA UPS

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