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UPSon T1 / 1 Phase Input - 1 Phase Output UPS Systems

OnLine UPS Systems;

6 kVA UPS Systems - 10 kVA UPS Systems
orange arrow Output Power Factor 1,0 and Real Online Design
orange arrow Standart RS232 interface ve smart tracking software
orange arrow Microprocessing and advanced DSP and 3-level technology.
orange arrow Active Power Factor Correction (APFC), input power factor up to 0,99.
orange arrow Long back-up time
orange arrow Cold start
orange arrow Automatical testing property in start-up.
orange arrow Overload and frequency fluctuation protection
orange arrow Load and battery capacity display
orange arrow Overload and short circuit breaker.
orange arrow Developed protection functions
orange arrow Compatibility with regional and international standarts
orange arrow USB communication interface (optional)
orange arrow Standart SNMP support, SNMP card(opional)
orange arrow Parallel connection without any need for attached hardware

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Product Details

icon_table 6 kVA UPS
icon_table 10 kVA UPS

UPS Technical Specifications

6 kVA UPS      10 kVA UPS

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