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3 Phase Input - 1 Phase Output UPS Systems

OnLine UPS Systems;

7,5 kVA UPS - 10 kVA UPS - 15 kVA UPS
20 kVA UPS - 30 kVA UPS
AC/DC UPSon-31M Series 3 Phase Input - 1 Phase Output UPS Systems; 3 Phase Input - 1 Phase Output UPS Systems.
orange arrow High Reliability with Microprocessor and Intelligent Driver,
orange arrow Sine Wave and True Online,
orange arrow High Frequency Switching IGBT Technology,
orange arrow Internal Output Insulation Transformer,
orange arrow RFI Output Filter,
orange arrow Uninterrupted Maintenance By-Pass Capability,
orange arrow LCD Display for measure, Status and Alarm Messages,
orange arrow Driving Capability, Non Linear Loads,
orange arrow Cold Start,
orange arrow Access to UPS Informations via Internet, ( Optional )
orange arrow Intelligent Communication ( RS-232 ) and SNMP / HTTP Support
orange arrow Audial Alarm / Automatic and Manual Battery Test System,
orange arrow Made in Turkey,
orange arrow 2 Year Warranty,

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Product Details

icon table 7,5 kVA UPS
icon table 10 kVA UPS
icon table 15 kVA UPS
icon table 20 kVA UPS

UPS Technical Specifications

10 kVA UPS    15 kVA UPS    20 kVA UPS    30 kVA UPS   


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