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AC/DC UPSon Cyclone UPS Systems

OnLine UPS Systems;

10 kVA UPS - 15 kVA UPS - 20 kVA UPS - 30 kVA UPS
40 kVA UPS - 60 kVA UPS - 80 kVA UPS - 100 kVA UPS
120 kVA UPS - 150 kVA UPS - 160 kVA UPS
200 kVA UPS - 250 kVA UPS - 300 kVA UPS
AC/DC UPSon Cyclone Series Online UPS Systems; 3 phase input - 3 phase output systems.
orange arrow Microprocessor controlled system, RTC clock and calender
orange arrow LCD alphanumeric display, mimic lamps and 5 vektor control buttons,
orange arrow High input power factor,
orange arrow Low input current THD,
orange arrow Interactive RS232 serial port, 3 dry contact alarm relays,
orange arrow High efficiency up to 94%
orange arrow Cold start from batteries,
orange arrow Battery charge current limiting,3 level battery alarms, boost charge system
orange arrow Temperature compansated battery charge system,
orange arrow Password protected adjustments menu,
orange arrow External remote emergency power off input (REPO)
orange arrow Optional SNMP, MODBUS, RS485 adaptor and RS232 multiplexer
orange arrow Static and Maintenance bypass switch,
orange arrow IPM, IGBT and PWM technology
orange arrow 128 events (4000 alarms) memory with date and time,
orange arrow CE certificate, ISO9001 management, ISO14001 certificate, GOST certificate,
orange arrow Made in Turkey,
orange arrow 2 Years Warranty,

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Product Details

icon_table 10 kVA UPS
icon_table 15 kVA UPS
icon_table 20 kVA UPS
icon_table 30 kVA UPS
icon_table 40 kVA UPS
icon_table 60 kVA UPS
icon_table 80 kVA UPS
icon_table 100 kVA UPS
icon_table 120 kVA UPS
icon_table 150 kVA UPS
icon_table 160 kVA UPS
icon_table 200 kVA UPS
icon_table 250 kVA UPS
icon_table 300 kVA UPS

UPS Technical Specifications

10 kVA UPS           15 kVA UPS            20 kVA UPS            30 kVA UPS

40 kVA UPS             60 kVA UPS            80 kVA UPS            100 kVA UPS

120 kVA UPS            150 kVA UPS           160 kVA UPS           200 kVA UPS

250 kVA UPS           300 kVA UPS

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