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Line interactive UPS Systems UPS Systems

600VA UPS - 1000VA UPS - 1500VA UPS

orange arrowMicro processing operator Line Interactive UPS Technology
orange arrow Automatic Voltage Regulation
orange arrow Smart Battery Management ( SBM )
orange arrow Network, Battery ve OVR display
orange arrowLED Display
orange arrow Cold Start Function for critical applications.
orange arrow Hi/ Lo Voltage Protection
orange arrow Short Circuit,Overload , Battery Over Discharge Protection
orange arrow Sound alert and Sound break function
orange arrow ( (*)Optional Communication Unit and Remote Monitoring Software.
orange arrow Compact Dimension and easy to use
orange arrow ISO 9000 standarts, 2 year warranty.
orange arrow (*) Only Guard Standby Serie A model UPS RS232 unit is available.

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Product Details

600 VA
1000 VA
1500 VA

UPS Technical Specifications

600 VA      1000 VA      1500 VA

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