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sagaok Uninterruptible Power Supplies - UPS Systems

AC/DC Uninterruptible Power Supplies; are the real online devices produced by using PWM and IGBT technology, that gives sinus wave output, and equipped with most advanced communication options with microprocessor controller.  AC/DC Uninterruptible Power Supplies; are produced with multi options as to meet all demands of the customers by taking in to account the special network conditions of our country. Full closed out of repair type dry batteries are used in our system.

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Online UPS Systems


* Real Sinus wave shape. .
* High efficiency with PWM and IGBT technology.
* Microprocessor controlled double circuit (AC/DC/AC )  Online structure
* Static by-pass feature( allow automatic and uninterruptible transfer of the load to network in case of over load ad KGK failure.. )
* Galvanic isolation (Output Transformer)
* Accurate Error Information with advanced diagnostics
* Output features fully adjustable to user and local conditions
* LCD Indicator panel  (gives the information related to necessary battery, load, network and UPS to the user in details.)
* Optional software and SNMP support for all kinds of computer platforms.
* Compliance with international and local standards.
* 2 years system warranty
* 10 years spare parts warranty and experiences technical service.

sagaok Voltage Regulators - Stabilizers

Microprocessor controlled Voltage Regulators

* Fully static design that do not include movable parts.
* More accurate output voltage measurement with  "True RMS"
* High Regulation Speed over 500 V/Second
* LCD Screen and Control Panel on which network, load and status information are given.
* Wide (130-265 VAC F-N) Narrow (165-270 VAC F-N) Input Voltage Range : Options  
* Static and Maintenance By-Pass Options
* 2 years system warranty
* 10 years spare parts warranty and experiences technical service.

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sagaok Dry Type Batteries

Applications :

* Security Systems

* Telecomunications equipments

* UPS Systems

* Fire Alarm Systems

* Emergency lighting

* Medical equipments

* Control and Test Equipments

* Marine Type Equipments

* Office Machines

* Electronic instruments


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dry batteries

sagaok AC/DC Battery Chargers

battery chargers

  AC/DC Battery Chargers; are realized with logic and analogue circuits, and the electronic cards are designed in modular structure. In power units of our instruments, Thrystor – Diode technology is used. The system has got all necessary circuits to protect itself from overburden, impact currents, short circuit situation, over voltage and over temperature. Therefore On DC Output there is serial inductor.

For More Detailed Information  >>>      Battery Chargers orange 2arrow

sagaok Rolling Shutter UPS Systems

Power (VA)    : 750 - 1000 Watt
Batteries    :

2 unit 12V - 7Ah 5 year lifespan

Dry Batteries  
Stand-by Times  : 4 days = 100 hours
Max. Remote Control Unit No: 10 pcs
Weight               : 13 kg.
Remote Control Distance   : 30 mt.
Dimensions  (WxLxH)  : 310x190x120 mm

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rolling shutter ups systems

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sagaok Inverters

Basic Advantage

  • 24, 48, 110 VDC Input

  • RFI filter in Input and Output

  • Sine Output or modified sine output

  • %90 - 91 Efficiency

  • Microprocessing controled

  • Relay and Contact outputs

  • Short Circuit protection in input and outputs

  • Overload protection

  • Well developped front panel functions

  • 2 Year waranty.  

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sagaok DC/DC Converters

 1078 Series

DC/DC Converters
32 W Single / Multi Output


  • Open - frame packaging

  • Designed to meet telecom std ETS 300-132-2

  • Up to four regulated outputs

  • Independent short c. prot. for each output

  • High power density

  • Output overvoltage protection

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frequency converter

sagaok Dry Type Transformers

Power           : 1.....450 kVA, dry type

Voltage        : 1.....1000 Volt

Frequency    : 25....1200 Hz.

Phase No     : 1 or 3

Usage : Power, Insulation and high noise domination rate 
( ultra high isolation )

Compatible with TSE ve DIN norms.

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dry type transformers

sagaok Dynamic UPS Systems

dynamic ups

- Uniblock-R [ 150-1100 kVA ]

Dynamic UPS Systems with batteries

- Uniblock-T [ 330-1670 kVA ]

Kinetic Energy Storage Dynamic UPS Systems

- Uniblock-TD [ 330-1670 kVA ]

Diesel Support Kinetic Energy Storage Dynamic UPS Systems

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