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 Brookfield Viscometers

Brookfield Viscometers

Analog Viskometreler
Analog dial reading viscometer offers low cost solution for various quality control applications. Viscosity ( Fluidity ) is read via red pointer from the analog display. Via a special table prepared by Brookfield Analog  real cP (centipoise) or mPa.s (miliPaskal sn) is precised. According to the measurable viscosity range, It has been chosen LV, RV, HA or HB model viscometers.

DV-E Brookfield Viscometers

Economical Viscometers
DV-E viscometers are the instruments which assemble the economical gain via DV-E economical viscometers and practicability via Brookfield perfection. Brookfield DV-E Viscometer is an apparel which has set it’s standarts in Brookfield DV-E Viscometer measurements criteria. It enables to easily change measurements criteria;and is conrolled by pressing on some buttons or dialing the buton. Thnks to it’s digital display, it ensures perfect lecture of torque percentage and viscosity. It’s lifespan is quiet long with production warranty. 

DV-I+ Brookfield Viscometers

DV-I+ Brookfield Viscometer
DV-I+ serie viscometer offers set buttons and digital display advantage for % torque measurments. Therefore there is a 0-1 VDC analogue output for torque percentage. It has sensible measurement capability with 18 different spindle speed. All apparels are delivered with spindle set and laboratory carrying bag.

 DV-II+ Pro Brookfield Viscometers

DV-II+ Pro Brookfield Viscometers
Programmable DV-II+ Pro Viscometers, show measurement temperature with standart heat prob in addition to all  DV-I+ parameters. It enables data transfer via RS-232 port. Via special software, it has the ability to test by computer controlling system and with extra apparels displays Shear Rate and Shear Stres. All DV-II+ Pro Viscometers do have 54 different twist speed. Now it can be controlled by RHEOCALC software, meantime measurements datas can be stored and their graphic can be drawn.  
   DV-II+ Pro Viscometers


DV-III+ Brookfield Viscometers

DV-III+ Programmable Rheometreler
DV-III+ Rheometers have 2.600 speed choices. (0.1 RPM-250 RPM). With Rheocalc software it has computer based testing ability and it can store on it’s own memory. With DV-II+ Pro it displays the fluidity and the heat in the  same time and with required apparels these rheometers can display “Shear Rate” and “Shear Stres”. They can be programmed with 4 row display  without getting connected to the computer. They can register 25 operating test current in 10 pcs. Once they get programmed, they can accomplish all operations and once these rheometers get connected to a printer machine,receive the output and save automaticaly the data. They are delivered as one Rheometer carrying bag, a laboratory leg, and a spindle set which fit selected fluidity range.


Brookfield KU-2 Viscometers

KU-2 Brookfield Viscometers
Direct display in Krebs, gr, cPs units and KU-2 Viscometer paints which enable perfect experience possibility for display and measurement continuity. Cover materials, and similar materials (ink, oil) are the primary test instruments. KU-2 Viscometers show Krebs units with 0,1 KU resolution with their LED display and Gr value with 1 gm resolution. Measurement interval is between 40 and 141 KU; 32 and 1099 gm, 27 and 5274 cPs with ±%1  and ±%0,5 repeatability. The filing facility is ensured by attaching a printer device to the output, it’s light, easy to carry and is manufactured according to the sector standarts. ( ASTM D562 ) 


CAP 1000 & CAP 2000 Series Viscometers
High Shear Rate (Shear Rate) Viscometers

CAP viscosimeter have been manufactured with high shear rate(150-26.600 s-1).The primary application domains are paints,the resins and the covering materials(sprays,brushes..).The most suitable application areas are Quality Control or Observation and Development domains which require fast and reliable measurements.(to put the sample onto and to clean it to be ready to get measured is done in just a very short period of time like 2 mins).It has been chosen to make measurments amongst two temperature range.Low temperature 5° and 75° C:;High temperature: 50° and 200° C. There 6 types of cones according to the fluidity measurement range.There is always one spindle in every CAP viscosimeter unit.  

    Brookfield Viscometers Model Selection Table

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