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AC/DC Electronic Systems Inc.

It has been established in year 2000 for the purpose of researching, developing, manufacturing, import, export, sale and rendering after sale technical services of primarily online Uninterruptible Power supplies, Dry Type Batteries, Servo Voltage Regulators, Static Voltage Regulators, Battery Charge Converters, SMPS Power Supplies, Sinus and Modified Sine Invertors, Combi Boiler Power Supplies, Shutter Power Supplies, AC Motor Speed Controlling Devices, DC Power Supplies, Dry Type Transformers, AC/DC Power Supplies, DC/DC Converters, Frequency Converters, Cable TV Power Supplies, Telecom Power Supplies, Insulation Transformers and adjusted varyak systems.

Since the day of its establishment, it applied the % 100 customer satisfaction not only for its customers but also as to cover suppliers, employees, dealers and solution partners and believed that these relationship potential is the real power of AC/DC.

AC/DC has accepted honesty, explicitness, fairness as its sine qua non principles always at its internal relations and all external relations with abroad with its directors and employees.

One of the premier targets of AC/DC is rendering sales, service and maintenance services of products which are reliable, in compliance with the international standards, actually economical for the customer and having technological superiority for the purpose of meeting and exceeding the expectations and needs of the customers.

AC/DC has been adopted use of renewable energy sources, development of energy saving systems, making technological renovations and following the other renovations made, respect to nature, human and continuous renovation as its corporate principles.

AC/DC also provides solution to specific needs of the customers in field of power electronics with its sector-specific experience, engineering accumulation, its approach focused on solution and researcher.

These needs are the special designs for which solutions are not found with standard products, requires Research-Development Studies, having defined feature and at special units peculiar to the customer.

AC/DC which is very delicate, broke new grounds in field of technology is being followed and appreciated with the leading studies it makes for power electronics sector and technology besides its commercial success.

AC/DC aims continue development ... and carries out intensive training and research activities for this purpose.


Our Quality Policy

Consistency and continuity is essential at the supplied products and services.

AC/DC Management is the supporters of all kinds of systematic study for increasing the level of quality and decreasing the costs at all stages of organization. All employees are responsible from efficient and effectively fulfillment of AC/DC Quality Hand Book and directives conditions.

Meeting of the high customer expectations were aimed with comprehensive quality hand book.  AC/DC which carries out leading and innovative studies in field of power electronic of Turkey works to increase its product and service quality everyday.

AC/DC Quality Control System includes all stages from the raw material to be used at production to controls made at all stages of production and up to delivery of the final product to the customer.


Our Values

AC/DC accepts its customers, suppliers and employees as its stakeholders and aim to provide mutual and balanced benefit at its relations.

It aims to develop technology at everything made. It aims accuracy at being valuable and reliable of the products, at services it provides and interaction.

Converting of the information to solutions in a rapid and economical way and its implementation are the sources of our success. We study to present best solutions in order to increase profitability of our customers and value of our company.


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AC/DC Electronic Systems Inc. - TURKEY

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