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sagaok 800 kVA Servo Voltage Regulators ( Three Phase )

  AC/DC Servo Voltage Regulators; electronical voltage regulators which are being produced to be able to prevent the electronic apparels in the Office, plant, home.. etc being harmed due to the sudden breaks,ascensions and declines because of various reasons in the city voltage.

The Regulator model selection has to be made according to the power measurement and the stabilisation speed. Monophase Servo Regulators are working with approximately 100 V / Sn whilst the three phase Servo Regulators are correcting in just 69 V /Sn. .. In cases where we need faster correction speed,we should prefer whether Microprocessor Servo Regulators or Static Regulators which contain micro processing unit.
Servo Regulator models can be produced in different voltage ranges..Servo regulators which can be produced between 150 VAC-250 VAC,according to different requests can be turned to 90 VAC-300 VAC.


AC/DC - Servo Voltage Regulators; central glass nucleus,is manufactured from derivated silica metal sheets.and amongst the metal sheet and the coils, it has been applied PKB (fiber-glass) as insulating element. The coil is made of HO Class copper string. Variable Transformers, are two times varnished to be insulated and fixed right after the wraparound operation. Variable transformers coals are made of special electrograffiti.

All fuzes inside the Voltage Regulator,circuit breakers, measurement instruments and key instruments are selected at least from amongst TSE ( Turkish Standards Institute ) quality certificate products.

12 VDC - SERVO motors have been used in VARIAC commands and all these motors are guided by TRIACS on the control panel.

Regulators Inputs and Outputs have NH blade fuses at proper values in VARIAC and electronical control unit feedings, there are especially the W- Automat or glass fuse.

In case of any regulator failure or any required maintenance service, there is a MANUAL BY-PASS unit to break off the circuit.

Each phase of regulator's control panel has :

1-) A Lamp which is indicating the input voltage

2-) A Voltmeter and a voltmeter comutator showing output voltage

3-) Switch on-off and By- Pass switches.

Regulator Applications :

- UPS Systems
- Medical Equipment
- Telecom Apparels
- Automation Equipments
- Marine Equipments
- Injection Machines
- Print Machines
- Radio Transmitter
- TV Feeder
- Textile Machines
- Design Machines
- Market Equipments
- Air Conditioners
- Jeweler Apparels
- Technical Equipments
- Wood Processing Machines
- Staff attendance Control Systems
- Leather Process Apparels

- Photograph Printing Mach.
- CNC Bench
- Card controlled entry syst.
- Laboratory Apparels
- Dentist Equipments
- Laser Apparels
- Telephone Centrales
- Theft Alert Systems
- Electrical Home Equipm.
- Shutter with motors
- Computer Systems
- Enlightment Units
- Combi Boilers
- Packing Materials
- Machines with motors
- Fire Security Systems
- Heating and Refrigerating Syst.

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10,5 kVA Voltage Regulator
15 kVA Voltage Regulator
22,5 kVA Voltage Regulator
30 kVA Voltage Regulator
45 kVA Voltage Regulator
60 kVA Voltage Regulator
75 kVA Voltage Regulator
100 kVA Voltage Regulator
120 kVA Voltage Regulator
150 kVA Voltage Regulator
200 kVA Voltage Regulator
250 kVA Voltage Regulator
300 kVA Voltage Regulator
400 kVA Voltage Regulator
500 kVA Voltage Regulator
600 kVA Voltage Regulator
700 kVA Voltage Regulator
800 kVA Voltage Regulator
1000 kVA Voltage Regulator
1250 kVA Voltage Regulator
1500 kVA Voltage Regulator
1750 kVA Voltage Regulator
2000 kVA Voltage Regulator


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