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1 kVA Voltage Regulator
2 kVA Voltage Regulator
3 kVA Voltage Regulator
5 kVA Voltage Regulator
7,5 kVA Voltage Regulator
10 kVA Voltage Regulator
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50 kVA Voltage Regulators

AC/DC Servo Voltage Regulators ; 1 kVA Single Phase - 50 kVA Single Phase & 3 kVA Three Phase - 1000 kVA Three Phase power range. 150 VAC - 250 VAC input voltage range, produced as standart. They could be especially manufactured up to 1000 kVA Power and between 90 VAC - 280 VAC input voltage, We offer 2-3 years of warranty. Servo Voltage Regulators determine automatically the change in voltage as the constant voltage ... This can be done by using electromechanic, passive or active components.. Servo Voltage Regulators makes the comparison amongst real output voltage and the inner reference voltages. Regulating elements make use of several elevators for the control. Negative feedback servo control loop is formed. If the output voltage is too low the control element commands the high voltage production. And conversely if the input voltage is high, it keeps the output voltage as constant... Electromagnetic regulators are being used in AC power distribution.

Advantages :

- Wide input voltage range,
- Constant and continuous function,
- Secure and experienced system,
- Permanent,fast and easy service,
- Simple structure and abundant spare parts,
- Economical cost& cheap service,
- Silent functionning,
- High efficiency,

12 VDC - SERVO motors have been used in VARIAC commands and all these motors are guided by TRIACS on the control panel.

Regulators Inputs and Outputs have NH blade fuses at proper values in VARIAC and electronical control unit feedings, there are especially the W- Automat or glass fuse.

In case of any regulator failure or any required maintenance service, there is a MANUAL BY-PASS unit to break off the circuit.

Each phase of regulator's control panel has :

1-) A Lamp which is indicating the input voltage

2-) A Voltmeter and a voltmeter comutator showing output voltage

3-) Switch on-off and By- Pass switches.

Regulator Applications :

- CNC Bench
- Medical Equipment
- Telecom Apparels
- Automation Equipments
- Wood Processing Machines
- Injection Machines
- Print Machines
- Radio Transmitter
- TV Feeder
- Textile Machines
- Design Machines
- Air Conditioners
- Jeweler Apparels
- Technical Equipments
- Fire Security Systems
- Staff attendance Control Systems
- Marine Equipments

- Photograph Printing Mach.
- Card controlled entry syst.
- Laboratory Apparels
- Dentist Equipments
- Laser Apparels
- Telephone Centrales
- Theft Alert Systems
- Electrical Home Equipm.
- Shutter with motors
- Computer Systems
- Enlightment Units
- Combi Boilers
- Packing Materials
- Leather Process Apparels
- Machines with motors
- Market Equipments
- Heating and Refrigerating Systems


Input Voltage Range

Output Voltage



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1 kVA Regulator

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