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200 kVA Voltage Regulator
250 kVA Voltage Regulator
300 kVA Voltage Regulator
400 kVA Voltage Regulator
500 kVA Voltage Regulator
600 kVA Voltage Regulator
800 kVA Voltage Regulator
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1500 kVA Voltage Regulator
2000 kVA Voltage Regulator

AC/DC Micro Processing Control Voltage Regulator ; are RISC Microprocessing semi conductor type smart instruments. That's why they can be used with 100% safety in sensible electronical apparels. AC/DC Microprocessing controlling Voltage Regulators are functionning based on true RMS Effective measurement value. Thus the network input voltage is not affected by sudden changes in network voltage or wave shape failure hence they might work easily with output voltage fast correction ( 220 VAC , ± 1 ).

- Real RMS Value Measurement
- RISC Microprocessing Control Unit
- Dynamic, Static Regulation
- Large Input-Output Voltage Range, 120-265 VAC
- Electronical protection against overload and short circuit
- 220 VAC ; ±% 1 Regulation, 200V /Sn. Correction Speed
- Load level, Input and Output Display,
- Programmable Up-Down limited Overload Protection,

AC/DC Microprocessor Voltage Regulators
Same Application Areas

- Schools, Classrooms, Laboratories etc.
- Factory Automation, Hospital Automation
- Radio-TV Transmitting-Diffusion Station
- Computer, Server, Photocopy, fax etc.
- Uninterruptible Power Supplies ( UPS ), Battery Chargers
- Heating-Refrigeration Systems, Air conditioners,
- Telecommunication Systems,,
- Talkie-Walkie Communication Systems
- Electrical sewing, embroidery machines
- All sort of electrical house equipments
- Hospital, clinic, surgery,
- Electrical Plant, CNC Counters,
- Induction Heating Systems
- Electrical sewing,embroidery
- Industrial Washing machine,
- Setting, printing machines.


Input Voltage Range

Output Voltage



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