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As a result of the systematic and principle studies we have been carrying out since year 2000. today AC/DC continues to grow with its employees. AC/DC which continues its development with an unbelievable growing capacity as %30-35 is a firm which is aware of its responsibilities, deems working as to produce value not earning money, overrates the work it makes and its references, strengthen its dynamic, energetic, desirous and emotional structure to make new attempts and creates belief and value with its responsibility against human, humanly and nature.

AC/DC which carry out studies through the sectors like banking, finance, marine, tourism, textile, security, chemistry, advertisement, machine, automotive, insurance, agriculture, stockbreeding primarily being energy, telecommunication, electric, electronic, information sectors, have been specia in field of power electronics. Its wide range of products provides all kinds of products and technical support solutions to its customers. There is detailed information about sales, technical service, application, repair and maintenance works below.

*** Uninterruptible Power Supplies - UPS

( AC/DC brand line interactive and online uninterruptible power supply models ; at 1 kVA – 800 kVA power range. Sales, technical services and repair works .)


*** Dry Batteries  

( B&B Batteries, Yuasa Batteries, Dryfit Batteries, Sonnenschein Batteries, Vision Batteries, Infobatt Batteries, Topin Batteries, Haze Batteries and Select Batteries brand dry type battery models and sales and commissioning services.  )


*** Battery Chargers

( DC Power Supplies at 12 V – 2.1 Amp. and 24 V – 10 Amp. Power range) Battery Chargers


*** Servo Voltage Regulators

(at 1 kVA – 3000 kVA power range)


*** Static Voltage Regulators

( at 1 kVA – 500 kVA power range. )


*** Battery Chargers - Rectifiers

( 1 phase and 3 phased thruster and diode controlled  Battery Charges at 12 VDC – 10 Amp. and 110 VDC 135 Amp. power range)


*** Inverters

( Inverters with 12 VDC – 24 VDC- 48 VDC – 96 VDC input and  220 VAC Sinus and Modified Sinus outputs or optional special production inverter models.  . )


*** Dry Type Transformers

( The transformers which are produced 1 kVA and 450 kVA range are manufactured as star, triangular, , zigzag and single-phase or three-phase at desired phase angle, taking in to special desires of the customers. They are convenient for marine type applications.  )


*** Smps Power Supplies

( Switched Power Supplies  sales and technical services )


*** AC/DC Inverters

*** DC/AC Inverters

*** Converters

*** Combi Power Supplies

*** Rolling Shutter Power Supplies

*** Marine Type Rectifiers

*** Adjustable Varyaks


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