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 Three Phase Rectifiers

  • AC/DC brand BC-Plus model is microprocessor controlled Battery Charger.
  • Battery charger is designed to meet both industrial and individual use. Beside its Battery charger usage, it can be used as a source of direct current power supply at the same time.
  • 3 different charging features choice ;
    * Classic IU charging chart ( direct current power supply mode )
    * IuIa 3 steps charging chart ( 3 steps battery charging mode )
    * Quick charge - Tampon Charge ( yada CHARGER BUMPER ) Chart ( Classic Battery charging mode )
  • . Ability to choose the battery type that will be charged; ;
    * Dry Batteries
    * Wet Batteries
    * Gel Batteries
  • The front LCD Display panel gives the feature of seeing all the data at the same time; Volts, Amps, Cell Voltage, Elapsed Time, and charge status is displayed.
  • The Over-current, Short circuit, Over Heat Protection, Battery failure, rectifier failure warnings messages are shown on the front panel and given by voice warning at the same time.
  • There is external circuit that transmits an external relay contacts in error conditions displayed on the front panel.
  • LED status indicators are illuminated as a warning in START, CHARGER BUMPER, V CONTROL, FLOW CONTROL, END OF PROCESS.
  • In the Battery charge mode; warning ( with sound and visual warning in the display ) if the battery is not stalled or Battery Heads opposite poles.
  • Due TS267 EN60076 Standard and TSE certificate, isolated transformer provides complete protection against leakage currents.
  • With the Battery temperature measurement feature, automatically controls the battery charging current according to its temperature or even stops the process.
  • Feature of calculating and giving sum of the value of Ah applied to the battery in each charge, the total Ah value the device applied in the total operating time and the total operating time.
  • Appropriate structure to work with the high-frequency by PWM technique.
  • Easy access feature to all the functions of the device with four ergonomic, touch-buttons..
  • With RMS voltage measurement of battery charger, the battery will be fully charged and the charging time will be shortened..

Three Phase Rectifiers
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